3 Critical Foods That Lead to Chronic Inflammation

A bottle of corn oil pouring into a fryer

Inflammation Is a Sign of Injury

We come from a combat sports background where controlling inflammation is a top priority. Even if you aren’t a competitive athlete, it’s still essential not to let inflammation take over your body. Here’s a common scenario: let’s say you trip and twist your ankle. Read more

Ensure What?

a six pack of ensure

Looks Good, or Is Good?

Last night, a commercial for “Ensure nutritional shakes” came on the TV. It showed a man bowling and a woman walking on the beach while sipping a chocolate elixir. It’s not uncommon to see drinks like these used as meal replacements. Looking at the label, you might be inclined to think that’s a good idea: 9 grams of protein, 200 calories, and 26 different vitamins and minerals.

Let’s look more closely and see if the small print delivers on the promise of a healthy meal-replacement drink.

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Origins – Traditional vs. Feed Lot Beef

grass fed beef cooking over a fire

Are the Old Ways Still the Best Ways?

It’s easy to romanticize our ancestors cooking a baby pig over an open fire, munching on wild greens living in harmony with the land. If we could only live like that now – free from modern stress and pollutants, wouldn’t life be so much better?

Hell, no.

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