3 Critical Foods That Lead to Chronic Inflammation

A bottle of corn oil pouring into a fryer

Inflammation Is a Sign of Injury

We come from a combat sports background where controlling inflammation is a top priority. Even if you aren’t a competitive athlete, it’s still essential not to let inflammation take over your body. Here’s a common scenario: let’s say you trip and twist your ankle. Read more

Ensure What?

a six pack of ensure

Looks Good, or Is Good?

Last night, a commercial for “Ensure nutritional shakes” came on the TV. It showed a man bowling and a woman walking on the beach while sipping a chocolate elixir. It’s not uncommon to see drinks like these used as meal replacements. Looking at the label, you might be inclined to think that’s a good idea: 9 grams of protein, 200 calories, and 26 different vitamins and minerals.

Let’s look more closely and see if the small print delivers on the promise of a healthy meal-replacement drink.

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Origins – Traditional vs. Feed Lot Beef

grass fed beef cooking over a fire

Are the Old Ways Still the Best Ways?

It’s easy to romanticize our ancestors cooking a baby pig over an open fire, munching on wild greens living in harmony with the land. If we could only live like that now – free from modern stress and pollutants, wouldn’t life be so much better?

Hell, no.

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100% Failure Rate

Ryan skydiving for the first time

How Many Times Would You Skydive if Your Parachute Failed?

True story: My parachute has failed every time I have been skydiving. But then, I’ve only been skydiving once. I was living in North Queensland, Australia when I finally decided to give skydiving a try. Read more

Cold Brew Protein Shake

A Cold Brew Protein Shake can make a delicious and quick breakfast

Should I Eat Breakfast?

Not everyone likes to eat first thing in the morning. And when it comes to losing weight, it probably doesn’t matter. But sometimes a quick, healthy breakfast smoothie hits the spot. Read more

10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Arizona Green Tea is loaded with sugar

Are you drinking more sugar than you realize?

This bottle of Arizona Iced Tea contains 42 grams of sugar. That’s about what the American Heart Association recommends for an entire day. Read more

Reduce Inflammation with Golden Milk

four pack revolution golden milk

Golden Milk Fights Inflammation

Golden milk is a great way to get the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric (pictured below) on a daily basis. Drink it before bed to aid in relaxation and help boost the immune system while you’re sleeping.

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Upgrade Your Oatmeal

upgraded oatmeal makes a better breakfast

A Delicious Make-ahead Breakfast with Plenty of Fiber

Oatmeal is not only a classic breakfast food, but also a versatile whole grain which is naturally high in fiber, vitamin K, phosphorus, and potassium. This upgraded version of the old standby is an easy recipe to customize and make in advance so your busy day doesn’t derail your plan! Read more

Breakfast: Eggs, Chickpeas & Spinach

A healthy, quick breakfast

How About Something New for Breakfast?

Chickpeas, eggs, and spinach come together to create a healthy, great-tasting way to start your day. Healthy fats, protein, and fiber stabilize blood sugar and slow-digesting carbs provide the fuel you need. You’ll have a healthy meal in minutes for less than three dollars per serving. Read more

Need Motivation?

Motivation to start on the road to health

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


Why does that first step seem so difficult?

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