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Ensure What?

Looks Good, or Is Good? Last night, a commercial for “Ensure nutritional shakes” came on the TV. It showed a man bowling and a woman walking on the beach while sipping a chocolate elixir. It’s not uncommon to see drinks like these used as meal replacements. Looking at the label, you might be inclined to think […]

100% Failure Rate

How Many Times Would You Skydive if Your Parachute Failed? True story: My parachute has failed every time I have been skydiving. But then, I’ve only been skydiving once. I was living in North Queensland, Australia when I finally decided to give skydiving a try.

Upgrade Your Oatmeal

A Delicious Make-ahead Breakfast with Plenty of Fiber Oatmeal is not only a classic breakfast food, but also a versatile whole grain which is naturally high in fiber, vitamin K, phosphorus, and potassium. This upgraded version of the old standby is an easy recipe to customize and make in advance so your busy day doesn’t […]

Breakfast: Eggs, Chickpeas & Spinach

How About Something New for Breakfast? Chickpeas, eggs, and spinach come together to create a healthy, great-tasting way to start your day. Healthy fats, protein, and fiber stabilize blood sugar and slow-digesting carbs provide the fuel you need. You’ll have a healthy meal in minutes for less than three dollars per serving.